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I'm trying to get a tablet ^^ I tried getting a Wacom Bamboo but the store around here didn't have them. They had the pen and paper for it but not the tablet. So I had to order a "Manhattan Graphic Tablet" with the mouse and pen. I don't know if it's any good but it's cheap and I don't know if I'm gonna like drawing on a tablet.
Oh and no more art until I get it ^^ if I get it... IDK when I get my check, :p

Male side:

[x] You love hoodies.
[x] You love jeans.
[x] Dogs are better than cats
[ ] It's hilarious when people get hurt.
[x] You've played with/against boys on a team.
[ ] Sad movies suck
[x] You own an X-Box. (and not a 360. the original bulky X-Box that I only have three games for :p Fable, Racing and the Sims.)
[x] Played with Hotwheels cars as a kid.
[ ] At some point in time you wanted to be a firefighter.
[ ] You used to be obsessed with Power Rangers.
[ ] You watch sports on TV.
[x] Gory movies are cool.
[ ] You go to your dad for advice.
[ ] You own, like, a trillion baseball caps.
[ ] You like going to football games.
[ ] You used to/do collect baseball cards.
[x] Baggy pants are cool to wear.
[x] It's kind of weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people.
[x] Green, black, red, blue, or silver are one of your favorite colors.
[x] You love to go crazy and not care what people think.
[ ] Sports are fun.
[x] Talk with food in your mouth.
[ ] Wear boxers.

Male Points Total = 12

Female side:

[ ] You wear lip gloss.
[x] You love to shop (at bookstores. Hate shopping for clothes)
[ ] You wear eyeliner.
[ ] You have some of the same shirts in different colors.
[ ] You wear the color pink.
[ ] Go to your mom for advice.
[ ] You consider cheerleading a sport.
[ ] You hate wearing the color black.
[x] You like hanging out at the mall.
[ ] You like getting manicures and/or pedicures.
[ ] You like wearing jewelry.
[ ] Skirts are a big part of your wardrobe.
[ ] Shopping is one of your favorite hobbies.
[ ] You don't like the movie Star Wars.
[ ] You are/were in cheerleading, gymnastics or dance.
[ ] It takes you around 1 hour to shower, get dressed, and put on make-up and accessories.
[ ] You smile a lot more than you should.
[ ] You have more than 10 pairs of shoes. (I have three. Runners for summer, Boots for winter and indoor shoes for school. All a person needs!!!)
[x] You care about what you look like.
[ ] You like wearing dresses when you can.
[ ] You like wearing body spray/perfume/cologne.
[x] You wear girl underwear.
[ ] Used to play with dolls as little kid.
[ ] Like putting make-up on someone else for the joy of it.
[ ] Like taking pictures of yourself with your cell phone/camera when you're bored.

Female Points Total = 4

:D According to this I'm a dude!
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Kicx 106
  • Reading: The Road
  • Drinking: I RAN OUT OF MOUNTIAN DEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rosie Chalifoux
Favourite genre of music: Anything but rap
Favourite photographer: Ansel Easton Adams
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: Pacific Murex Ramosus
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny
Personal Quote: I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.

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Thank you so much for the fav on "River of dreams" [link]
I appreciate it.

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I am truly honoured

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Wolvez says you started school (I think? Is that what she said? Agh, I'll have to ask again)
MISS YEW BUDDYYYYYYY ;_____; I was re-reading our old Fantasyworld threads and all I could think was "OH GOSH- I was an awful RPer."
How did you ever stand me? xDDD
Wapus Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2010
I didn't start school yet xP Not until the end of the month I think.
And weren't an awful RPer xD Though why'd you stop?
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I just didn't have a lot of time to RP :T I'm trying to find more time to do so, but my summer's really full this year.
Maybe I can try and RP some before school starts though ; w ; I miss you guys
Wapus Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2010
^^ it's ok, barely anyone goes on anymore. RPing is dying I think..
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fantasywingz Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010  Student General Artist
hey you, do you ever RP anymore? i reccommended one of my friends to it and I wanted to know if you still go onto fantasy world (it moved right?) so yeah... just wanted to know :meow:
Wapus Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010
Yup I still RP. My internet got cut off though for most/all of June.
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